International Flats

House rules - Annex to the rental contract

1. Non smoking policy: the premises are strictly non smoking, for tenants as well as for their visitors. Any breach of this rule may result in immediate termination of the lease at the tenant's expenses.

2. Right of peaceful occupancy: the management (owner and house manager) is to ensure the quiet occupancy of the hired premises. She/he has access to the rented premises in case of an emergency, or with the tenant's permission. S/he can access the room once a month for inspection of the room if necessary. Both parties (tenant and management), or third parties to whom access has been granted in the premises, must refrain from any behaviour that would disturb the peace and quietness enjoyed by the other tenants and/or neighbours such as: loud or overbearing guests, noise in the rooms, the halls and the staircase. 

3. Sublet or lease transfer: subletting of transferring the lease is not allowed unless written agreement is granted by the landlord. 

4. Damage to the property: the tenant is responsible for replacement or repair cost of any element in the room damaged by him/herself or guests (e.g broken window, scratched paint, damage to the fridge or kitchenette etc) as well as for maintaining the room in a clean state.  

5. Halls, staircase, doorways, roof & drainpipes: It is entirely forbidden to leave objects in those locations as well as in the common parts of the residence, or to access the roof in any way. 

6. Changes to the residence: No change to the rented or the common parts can be carried out without written consent from the management. This applies, amongst other things, to: hanging frames, nailed/sticked posters, adding or removing fixed features. It is strictly forbidden to use nails or screws. "Soft" decoration such as pictures, posters etc can be attached using removable means such as Pritt poster buddies. No tape pins or nails. Any cost incurred by holes to be covered /repair to be carried out after the tenant moves out will be deducted from the deposit. 

7. Preventing blocked pipes: To prevent sinks and evacuation pipes from becoming blocked it is totally prohibited to discard food remains, rubbish, oily substances except in normal (white) rubbish bags. Any blocks will be paid for by the responsible party. 

8. Garbage removal / cleaning: Each tenant is responsible for removing his/her garbage and leaving it in a white bag (bought from any supermarket) outside the main entry from the previous evening. 

9. Internet access: The connection is shared through a wifi router or ethernet cable in the room.

10. Not allowed : 

- Animals (exception is granted for the house manager's dog); musical instrument; fryer (for French fries) or any device with a consumption of over 800 W; electrical heaters; anything with an open flame such as candles etc. Possession of any prohibited electrical device will result in electricity charges to be increased by 10? per month per device from he beginning of the lease, deductible from the deposit.

- Duplicating keys or lending those to third parties. A lost front door key will result in its replacement at a cost of 160? (as it means other keys must be issued and locks might have to be changed). The loss of any other key will result in its replacement at a cost of 65 ?. A lost electronic card (room door card) will result in its replacement at a cost of 15?.

- Changing the number of beds in the room. Rooms are designated for personal use, as per the rental contract. 

- Visits: occasional visitors are allowed as long as there is no extra bed in the room. The management reserves a right of inspection. If it turns out that a tenant is hosting someone, the rent will be increased by 50% starting from the beginning of the tenant's lease. 

11.  Airing the Accommodation: The tenant has the obligation to ensure their accommodation is aired in order to prevent the build-up of mould. This applies particularly to the bathroom/shower and involves leaving the door open and opening the window while turning off the heating during the day. At the beginning of the tenant's stay, the accommodation is provided completely free of all mould, and it will be inspected when the tenant leaves. All necessary repairs due to signs of mould will be deducted from the housing deposit (scraping and paint + up to a week's rent for the time taken to bring the accommodation back up to standard). 

12.  Miscellaneous

- The deposit cannot be used for the rent. It will be refunded after receiving the keys and after ensuring the room is left in its original condition. Cleaning fees of 30 euros will be deducted from the deposit for the stays of one month and more. 

- Complaints: please discuss any issue with the house manager or the management (managers: , mobile:  0485 18 02 14 ; or , mobile: 0472 33 14 26)

- The management reserves the right if necessary to amend the current house rules and to have them signed again.

- Any tenant in breach of those house rules can have their his/her terminated and can face expulsion, with any damage/claim/due rent for early termination to be deducted from the deposit.