International Flats

General conditions

  • The rent is payable the latest by the 3rd of each month. Late payment could result in the lock being blocked by the system and will generate a 20 euros late payment fee, to cover the reissue of the new key card and the unblocking of the lock.
  • In case of cancellation prior to arrival : 
    • until one month before arrival, half a month rent (based on the one-month rental fee) will be retained as a cancellation charge. 
    • Between one month (30 days) and the day of arrival : one month will be retained as a cancellation charge 
    • In case of a cancellation within 7 days of moving in: one month rent will be retained as a cancellation charge (based on the one-month rental fee), plus the applicable daily or weekly fee according to the actual number of nights spent in the accommodation. 
  • In case of early departure (breach of contract) one month rent will be retained as a cancellation charge plus the rent for the current month, regardless of the amount of weeks/days already spent on the premises. 
  • Standard rental contract (with room description) to be signed at arrival. It is not possible to change the terms of the contract unless the housing manager agrees in writing.
  • Keys are given on arrival (room key or key card, front door) provided we have received the deposit, either on arrival, by bank transfer prior to arrival. 
  • Please confirm your approximate arrival time by email or sms / phone (see Contact) so that we can arrange to meet you when you arrive. 
  • If you fail to arrive on time and do not let us know in advance at least 2 hours before the expected arrival time, 
  • Week-end or late arrivals: you will receive an instruction to come into the house and your room/studio. The housing manager is available on weekdays from 9 AM to 5 PM. In case of an emergency please send an email or sms. It will be acknowledged as soon as possible. 
  • On departure your room will be checked to see if everything is in order. Any damage will be deducted from the deposit. 
  • Deposits are not returned in cash. Please provide us with your account number (iban and BIC if it is a foreign account), and your deposit will then be transferred back into this account. 
  • Bank charges : The rents and deposits must be received in full, without any bank charges deducted. Bank charges, if any, have to be paid by the tenant. 
  • There is no charge for the return of a deposit to a European account number (Iban). There will be a minimum 15 euros charge to cover bank fees for any refund or transfer made to a bank account outside of the EU.